About Us

  • 2014


    iMat Technology was founded in HK SAR

  • 2015

    Be an ODM supplier for Local kings of Myphone, Skydevice and Lanix;

    iMat Technology sold feature phone and smart phone to Philippine, Thailand, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, 

  • 2016

    Sold 2M qty smart phones to Latam

    iMat Technology turned out be core partner of M4tel and Lanix, 

  • 2017

    Expand to South Africa market & Amazon US open-market with non-contract smart phone;

    iMat Technology turned out be core partner of M4tel and Lanix, 

  • 2018


    Kunlun Wireless was founded in Shenzhen, Bao'an district, China mainland

  • 2019

    Invest new business unit on Wi-Fi 

    January, we released the world's first MTK tri-band/dual band solution onto enterprise wiring-free Mesh Wi-Fi system,  it contains table series, ceiling series, and outdoor series, 

  • 2020

    Invest new business unit on 5G CPE

    December, we released three different chipset's versions separately, in Unisoc/MTK/Qualcomm, with indoor and outdoor mode,  it supports global bands in 3G/4G/5G,excep 5G mmWave band.

  • 2021

    Invest new business unit on 5G small cell, signal repeater/booster

    December, we released a Xilinx version, it contains,  1*  BBU + 4* HUB + 8* RRU, with our own software and hardare design. And already approved and ordered by China mobile & China telecom for 3 provinces' 5G small cell's deployment. 

  • 2022


    Established new global sale headquarters in HK SAR, for Cloud AP / 5G CPE / 5G small cell / 4G & 5G smart phone

    Greet the future with open arms, meet challenges and embrace globalization.